INTI: Electro Dance Punk Denver



INTI's ELECTRO DANCE ROCK meets LATIN HIP HOP keeps fists pumping and bodies jumping. INTI's action-packed and rebellious dance music mixes bass with distortion (Rodolfo Escobar) against analog synth triggered by a sweet retro keytar. Insane live beats from song writer, producer and vocalist Gilly Gonzalez keep the INTI ride fun and intense. 2 powerful front women (Teresita Hinojosa and Precious Hill) on keys and vocals play off each other's style, sharp against soft. By adding defiant lyrics that mix Spanish with English, INTI speaks to both sides of the border.
Urban roots, world travels, art as a form of social activism and music as a means to keep people dancing define INTI's distinct analog post-modern rock. The result? Captivating visuals and satirical skits that allow INTI to use wit as a weapon for social commentary. From a dancer in a gas mask to a patriotic doctor pushing candy meds, INTI uses bright colorful costuming and sensational visuals to poke fun at politics, the media, the music industry, counter culture, mainstream and themselves.


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